Tim Michels has been in the news a lot lately, and we have a lot of questions. Like, who even is Tim Michels?

Tim Michels is a Republican extremist who is only interested in expanding his personal wealth and boosting his corporation. 

Here’s what we know about his radical record so far — Michels has said he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and ban abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest, he’s previously come out against gay marriage, and his business has been sued repeatedly for walking off the job and for overcharging the State of Wisconsin for construction jobs.

Michels has attached himself to the radical ideology of Republicans like Rebecca Kleeefisch by serving on the advisory board of her 1848 Project, an organization that was founded to promote an extreme and divisive agenda for the state. 

Tim Michels Owes Wisconsin Answers

Tim Michels has avoided public scrutiny for years, but now owes Wisconsin answers about his fringe views and his support for Rebecca Kleefisch’s radical agenda.

Does Michels still believe that rape survivors should be forced by the government to follow through with their pregnancies?
  • Michels Supported Banning Abortion Even In Cases Of Rape And Incest.
    • “What if a woman is raped? ‘Should she have to go through that birth and all that trauma?’ But for Michels, there are no exceptions. ‘I think she’s going to pick up mental trauma from having the abortion as well,’ Michels says. ‘To ask her to go through the birth is not unreasonable when you talk about killing the life of that baby.’” [Wisconsin State Journal, 6/13/04]
Is Michels still against gay marriage, as he was in 2004, when he said, “When you bring it out of your house and onto the public street, that's where I differ. I believe in family values?”


  • Michels has been vocal about his homophobic views, saying he “believe[s] in family values” and doesn’t think you should “bring it out of your house and onto the public street.” “Michels answered a question from the audience about what he would do to protect the rights of gays and lesbians. He began by saying they should be treated just like other Americans before launching into his opposition to gay marriage. ‘When you bring it out of your house and onto the public street, that’s where I differ. I believe in family values. I believe in traditional family values,’ said Michels, a Republican. Michels later clarified he did not mean homosexuals should not bring their sexuality into public but people shouldn’t have ‘gay values’ imposed upon them. [Associated Press, 10/16/04]
  • Michels Supported A Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage. “U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold says he’ll fight a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage this year, while two of his would-be GOP challengers support the proposal. […] Michels argued defining marriage was a proper role for the Constitution. ‘The Constitution provides a foundation for our country and for the states,’ said Michels, a construction company owner. ‘For me, marriage between man and woman is a basic premise.’” [Associated Press, 1/11/04]
Does Michels still have at least a hundred thousand dollars invested in Chinese companies?
  • Michels held at least $100,000 in investments in Chinese companies, saying it was a good investment for his children.
    • Michels Invested At Least $100,000 In Chinese Companies. “The other day we reported that Michels had between $50,000 and $100,000 invested in the Templeton China World Fund on behalf of his children. At the same time, though, the Oconomowoc Republican spends a good chunk of his time on the campaign trail blaming China for costing American jobs and threatening to yank the country’s preferred trading status if it doesn’t play by the rules. Well, we were wrong. Documents filed with the feds show Michels actually has between $100,000 and $200,000 in the China fund in two separate accounts for his kids. On top of that, he has between $30,000 and $100,000 in the Templeton Emerging Markets Fund, a diversified mutual fund that has nearly 11 percent of its assets invested in China.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/1/04]
    • Michels Said His Investments In A Chinese Mutual Fund Were Made On Behalf Of His Children. “The multimillionaire exec has made a significant investment in the Templeton fund that, according to its prospectus, ‘seeks long term capital growth by investing at least 80 percent of its net assets in equity securities of ‘China companies.’ The prospectus said China companies include those organized or having a principal office in the communist nation, Hong Kong or Taiwan or firms that receive at least half of their revenue from goods or services made or sold in China. Companies with at least 50 percent of their assets in China also fit the definition. […] ‘It’s not hypocritical,’ said Roby. He repeatedly noted the mutual fund was one of Michels’ many investments, and this one was for Michels’ children, not himself.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/28/04]
Since Michels donated so much money to Walker-Kleefisch, does he stand behind their $800 million 2011 budget cut to public education and their legislation which led to a historic teacher shortage?
  • While students and teachers struggled to afford even basic school supplies, Rebecca Kleefisch and Scott Walker viciously attacked funding for Wisconsin’s public schools, making massive cuts to K-12 education and the University of Wisconsin system, which plays a key role in the state’s economy.
    • In 2011, Walker-Kleefisch administration cut $800 million from public education and $71.6 million from Wisconsin’s technical colleges, 30% of their funding. [WISN, 6/27/11; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/1/11]
    • In 2015, Kleefisch proudly touted Governor Walker’s budget as a success – it failed to increase K-12 funding and cut University of Wisconsin funding by $250 million, impacting approximately 150,000 students and 21,000 workers. [Washington Post, 7/13/15]
    • The Walker-Kleefisch administration also signed legislation which led to a “historic” teacher shortage. [Slate, 11/8/18]
How does Michels explain his greedy leadership practices at the Michels Corporation, where they fleeced Wisconsin taxpayers and charged the state of Wisconsin twice for one job?
What does Michels have to say about receiving tens of millions in state contracts after major donations to Scott Walker's campaign?

Tim Michels, Michels Corp. were awarded half a billion dollars by the State of Wisconsin for 52 construction-related projects. 

  • From FY14 through the end of the Walker Administration, Michels Corp. was awarded $582,055,521.35 for 52 projects. [Wisconsin Department of Transportation, accessed 4/15/22]
  • As Michels Corp. received hundreds of millions of dollars in state contracts, they actively donated to then-Gov. Scott Walker’s campaigns. In total, Michels Corp. and their employees had contributed at least $143,435 to Walker’s campaigns.
Does Michels support the bill that allows eighteen year olds to carry loaded weapons on school grounds which unanimously passed among Republicans in the legislature?

Wisconsin Republicans in the state legislature unanimously voted in favor allowing loaded weapons on school grounds. The bill was vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers.

GOP candidates Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson both said they are in favor of rolling back gun safety measures and allowing permitless carry, which would allow anyone in Wisconsin to carry a weapon without training or a license. Wisconsinites overwhelmingly opposed permitless carry. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/12/22]


    Does Tim Michels, like Rebecca Kleefisch and Scott Walker, support the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, which would have stripped away healthcare from the millions of Wisconsinites who have pre-existing conditions?

    Rebecca Kleefisch wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have resulted in over 430,000 Wisconsinites losing their insurance and would severely damage the state’s economy. That’s why she supported a lawsuit that Governor Walker authorized, which would have ended protections for 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions.

    Does Michels back voter suppression legislation, which would make it more difficult for eligible voters to exercise their constitutional right to cast a ballot?

    Wisconsin Republicans have attempted to limit voting rights in Wisconsin multiple times during Gov. Evers’ first term. Disability and senior advocates have come out against these bills, saying they will make it more difficult for Wisconsinites to vote. 

    Who won the 2020 election? Was the 2020 election fair and secure, as stated by Wisconsin courts and multiple law enforcement agencies?

    Despite countless reports from law enforcement agencies, a recount, and ruling by courts in Wisconsin — Rebecca Kleefisch, Kevin Nicholson, and Tim Ramthun are embracing election conspiracy theories in order to win favor with national Republicans and Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security called the 2020 election the most secure in American history.

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