Michels has embraced the most divisive positions possible to appeal to Donald Trump. So far, Michels has said he wants to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest, fight against marriage equality, and refuses to back any common sense measures on gun safety to protect kids in school.

Michels has said he “hope[s]” his family’s corporation continues to bid for state contracts if he becomes governor, despite the clear conflict of interest. That’s unsurprising though — Michels is known for his shady business practices, including profiting off billing the state twice for the same construction job and then trying to charge the state $52,000 when they tried to correct the error.

Tim Michels’ Extreme Agenda


People should be free to make their own reproductive health care decisions in consultation with their families and their doctors.

But Tim Michels wants to ban access to abortion in Wisconsin, even in cases of rape and incest. During a 2004 interview, when asked if a rape victim should have to go through the trauma of giving birth, Tim Michels said, To ask her to go through the birth is not unreasonable.”

Michels has forcefully advocated for overturning Roe v. Wade.

In 2004, he even supported laws preventing people from crossing state lines to access an abortion.


Tim Michels has been vocal about his homophobic views, which haven’t changed at all since he last ran for office in 2004. Not only does he believe in banning same-sex marriage — he’s also refused to answer questions about whether he would limit the rights of LGBTQ+ Wisconsinites.

HEADLINE: GOP governor candidate Michels opposes same-sex marriage

From 2004 to 2022, Tim Michels has been clear about his anti-LGBTQ+ agenda for decades.

  • Earlier this year: “Marriage should be between one man and one woman.”
  • During a 2004 Senate Debate [45:05]: “But I think when you bring it out of your house and onto the public street, that’s where I differ. I believe in family values, I believe in traditional family values. And if necessary, I’ll support a constitutional amendment that will keep marriage between a man and a woman. It’s been that way for thousands of years. And I think the sanctity of marriage is worth protecting.”

And in 2004, Michels openly supported a Consitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

According to an April 2022 Marquette Law School poll, 72% of Wisconsinites support marriage equality.

Here in Wisconsin, we believe everyone is welcome, and that no one should have to fear that they’ll be discriminated against because of who they are or who they love. 


Tim Michels sent his children to expensive private academies in New York and Connecticut, but that hasn’t stopped him from giving his opinions on Wisconsin’s education system.

Rather than proposing an actual plan to improve education quality, Michels has centered his plan for schools around a bill that would allow parents to sue school districts and school board members.

  • Rebecca Kleefisch criticized Michels’ proposal saying, “Tim Michels never even sent his kids to school over the last three years in our state.” [Jay Weber Show, WISN, 6/16/22]

It’s no wonder his plan is driven by politics instead of common sense — when Michels was asked if he’d attended a Wisconsin school board meeting in the past year, his answer was… no.


Tim Michels has repeatedly dodged questions on how he plans to prevent gun violence and mass shootings, and make our communities safer.

Following the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, Michels refused to answer questions from the press about his plans to keep kids safe and prevent gun violence.

  • Associated Press: “Rebecca Kleefisch, Tim Michels and state Rep. Timothy Ramthun — did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”
  • The Cap Times: “Michels’ campaign did not respond to an email seeking comment.”
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Tim Michels, who is the latest candidate to enter the race… did not respond to requests for interviews.”

In an interview with WKOW, Michels blamed gun violence on people who did not report mass shooters earlier and deflected when asked if he supports common sense measures like red flag laws and expanded background checks, saying “I don’t have that answer today.”

That’s not good enough — our kids and our families need answers on how Tim Michels plans to protect our kids and our families from gun violence.

Michels has even refused to say whether he would support the bipartisan gun safety deal moving through Congress that even Mitch McConnell has agreed to.


Tim Michels is a walking, talking conflict of interest.

Michels has said he hopes his family’s company would continue to bid on state contracts if he were elected governor.

HEADLINE: Tim Michels wants his family’s construction business to keep seeking state contracts if he is governor, raising ethics questions

“So, if you become governor, will Michels Corporation continue to bid on government work?”

TIM MICHELS: “I certainly hope so.” [WTMJ, 4/25/22, 04:02]

Tim Michels has said there’s “no conflict of interest” if he becomes governor and the state awards contracts to his family’s company, Michels Corporation. 

He has also claimed that the governor of Wisconsin “has no say” in who gets government contracts — but that’s a lie.

  • Wisconsin state law requires governors to sign off on road construction contracts valued at more than $1,000.
  • “Mac Davis, a former state senator and former judge who previously served on the state Ethics Commission, said Michels would have a difficult time navigating the state’s ethics code if he is elected and maintains his ownership stake in Michels Corp. […] ‘He can’t say, ‘Well, I just, on Michels’ road contracts, I’ll leave that to the lieutenant governor.’” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/28/22]
  • Governors “can prevent or delay roadwork by putting off signing contracts,” and “have a large say in how much the state spends on roadwork every year.”

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